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31Aug 2018

A Test Report of Red Dye Powder Filling on Semi-Automatic Powder Filling Machine I Introduction: II Video: III Analysis: Set Weight: 200 grams Filled Weight Filled Accuracy Remarks 1st 99 grams — Machine Automatic Calibration 2st 197 grams — Machine Automatic Calibration 3st 202 grams 1% Pass 4st 200 grams 0 Pass 5st 200 grams […]

23Aug 2018

How to Maintain Management Semi-Automatic Powder Filling Machine? Scientific equipment management is an effective way for production companies to reduce costs and increase profits. Then how to maintain management the semi-automatic powder filling machine? The semi-automatic powder filling machine manufacturer below will introduce you in detail, and everyone’s attention is welcome. First, check the cleaning […]

17Aug 2018

Announcement of Change of Company Name in English We are delighted to announce that our company name in English is changing as of September 1, 2018, from “Zhengzhou Uniaote Machinery Co., Ltd.” to “ZHENGZHOU VTOPS MACHINERY CO., LTD.”. Our company name in Chinese will remain unchanged. This renaming does not affect all current operations of […]

14Aug 2018

Semi-Automatic Net Weigh Auger Filling Machine Semi-Automatic Net Weigh Auger Filling Machine is an auger powder filling machine. An online weighing system equipped under auger funnel, and is fed back to the drive motor of auger filler in real time. The net weigh auger filling machine has a very higher filling accuracy and the error […]

09Aug 2018

Applications of Servo/PLC/HMI/Inverter in Auger Powder Filling Canning Machine Overview of Auger Powder Filling Canning Machine: Auger powder filling canning machine is an indispensable equipment in the production of food. At present, the filling canning speed and precision of such equipment in China are generally not high. Therefore, improving the canning speed and accuracy of […]

02Aug 2018

Do You Know the Metering Principle of Auger Type Powder Filling Machine? I. Principle of Auger Metering and Filling System Structure: II. Simulation Results 2.1 Velocity and Pressure Fields in The Auger Groove Through the velocity pattern of the individual material powders, the direction of the velocity of the material during the rotation of the […]