Applications of Servo/PLC/HMI/Inverter in Auger Powder Filling Canning Machine

Overview of Auger Powder Filling Canning Machine:

Auger powder filling canning machine is an indispensable equipment in the production of food. At present, the filling canning speed and precision of such equipment in China are generally not high. Therefore, improving the canning speed and accuracy of canned equipment has become the focus of the design of various food packaging equipment manufacturers. Whoever leads the technology in this equipment will be able to seize the opportunity in the food packaging equipment market and open the market.

The auger powder filling canning machine is main used in the packaging of food of the children’s formula milk powder. The way of packaging of canned of formula milk powder is currently a trend in the world. Because the packaging way of canning can reduce the breakage rate of formula milk powder during transportation. And can increase the shelf life of formula milk powder and prevent the loss of nutrients.

The current auger powder filling canning machine mainly uses a PLC and a stepping motor to form a control system. According to the configuration of the machine, the accuracy of the filling canning is not stable after a period of use, and the canning speed is low. Our solution is to use servo ASD-A0421BA plus DVPEH32 PLC as the control system, the highest precision can be less than 0.1%.

Auger Powder Filling Canning Machine for Formula Milk PowderImage Description: Auger Powder Filling Canning Machine (Line) for Formula Milk Powder

System Configuration:

  1. Touch Screen (DOP57CSTD) 1 set
  2. EH Series PLC (DVP32EH00R) 1 set
  3. Inverter (VFD007M21A) 1 set
  4. Servo (ASD-A0421BA) 2 units

The operating parameters of the system mainly include: amount setting of filling canning, weight adjustment of filling canning, speed setting, etc. Through the parameter setting of the friendly human-machine interface of the touch screen, the instruction is transmitted to the PLC to control the operation of the whole system.

The servo is driven by pulse, the operation mode is set in the position mode, the inverter is used as the main drive, and it is positioned in the V/F mode. The speed adjustment is controlled by the external potentiometer, which is convenient for the operator to set the speed. At the same time, there are five photoelectric feedback signal sensors on the outside to detect external actions. Such as the synchronization of filling canning and powder feed.

PLC has a huge advantage: the high-speed pulse output can reach up to 200 KHz pulse number. And the number of pulses can be run simultaneously by two channels.

System Advantages:

The system uses AC servo control, which is mainly used to control the accuracy of the weight of filling. Because the repeatability and stability of the servo is much better than that of the step controller. So the precision and speed of the control are far higher than the stepping control. Although its the cost of the electrical part is slightly higher than that of the step control system, but in the present case, the production capacity of a set of equipment is twice that of the step control, which greatly increases the production output of the food packaging factory.


The high-precision scientific metering technology of the auger powder filling canning machine is a small breakthrough in packaging field of technology. Through years of continuous improvement and improvement, the technology is very mature. And has been exported to Australia, Germany, Malaysia and other countries.

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