Auger Powder Filling Capping Labeling Machines Line

Model: PFL-B

Automatic Powder Filling Capping Line with Auger Dosing Filler for Bottles Jars

  1. Automatic Powder Filling Capping Line with Auger Filler for Bottles Jars including: Unscrambler Bottles Machine → Automatic Powder Feeding Machine (Screw Conveyor Feeder)Automaitc Powder Filling Machine → Automatic Capping ( Sealing / Seaming ) Machine  → Automatic Labeling Machine → Spurt the Code Machine → Chain Plate Conveyor → Loading Platform.
  2. The production line composed of stainless steel, in addition to the remark material. All machine construction are in accordance with food hygiene standards chosen design.
  3. The entire production line equipment in accordance with GMP standards for the design specifications, consistent with national food hygiene requirements. Truly fully automated assembly line operation, ensure that the entire production process, staff will not touch the product, the production process is completely clean, more reliable product quality.
  4. The inner wall of the container in contact with the material are polished, frequently washable structure have adopted the easy disassembly parts is connected, ensure the turn shift or change raw materials easy to handle and health.
  5. Can helps plant design engineering programs to provide free technical support.

Detail Photos:

Technical Parameters:

  • Filling Range: 10-2000 grams (need to change the screw accessories)
  • Precision Level: 1.0
  • Filling Speed: 0-40 Bottles/min
  • Bottleneck Diameter: 30-100mm (> 100 mm need to customize)
  • Bottle Cap Size: 15-100mm
  • Voltage: 3P AC380V 50Hz
  • Machine Weight: 1500Kg
  • Dimensions: length x width x height (6500 * 1500 * 2200) mm

Design Diagram:

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The Real Photo on Scene of Powder Bottle Filling Capping Sealing Labeling Machine LineImage Description: The Real Photo on Scene of Powder Bottle Filling Capping Sealing Labeling Machine Line

Automatic Powder Filling Capping Sealing Labeling Machine Line including:

  1. Unscrambler Machine for Bottles (Optional)
  2. Powder Feeding Machine (Vibration type Screw Conveyor)
  3. Automaitc Powder Filling Machine
  4. Capping ( Sealing / Seaming ) Machine
  5. Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine (Optional)
  6. Labeling Machine
  7. Date/Code Printer

The Layout Drawing of Powder Filling Capping Sealing Labeling Machine LineImage Description: The Layout Drawing of Powder Filling Capping Sealing Labeling Machine Line View Enlarge Photo

1 Unscrambler Machine for Bottles

Unscrambler Machine for BottlesImage Description: Unscrambler Machine for Bottles

This machine are component of stainless steel, meet the GMP requirements.

2 Powder Feeding Machine (Vibration type Screw Conveyor Feeder)

Vibration type Screw Feeder is suitable for all kinds of powders.

Powder Feeding Machine (Screw Conveyor)Image Description: Powder Feeding Machine (Screw Conveyor)


  1. Equipped it to the Powder packing machines and filling machines. It is controlled by the packing machine or filling machine.
  2. Set the switch is provided with a return material, easy to clean material
  3. Hopper provided with vibrators, feeding unhindered.

Technical Parameters:

  • Conveying Speed: 0.5-4t/h
  • Lifting Height: 1.7m; 2.3m; 2.6m; (Customizable)
  • Diameter of Conveyor: φ114mm; φ159mm; (Customizable)
  • Dimension: 2300×800×2100 mm
  • Hopper Capacity: 100-300 Kg
  • Power: AC 220/380V 50/60Hz 0.75Kw

3 Automaitc Powder Filling Machine

Fully Automatic Auger Powder Fillers
Quantity of FillerOneOneOneTwo
Filling Range5-500g100-2000g100-2000g100-2000g
Filling Accuracy≤±1%≤±1%≤±2g≤±2g
Online Weighing System--
Closed Frame-
Easy Clean Hopper
Fine polished Auger
Rotary Turntable
Diameter of Container≤ 100mm≤ 100mm≤ 200mm≤ 200mm

4 Automatic Capping ( Sealing / Seaming ) Machine

Automatic Capping MachineImage Description: Automatic Capping Machine

Mainly used for a variety of round plastic, aluminum, iron screw cap capping for different shaped bottle. It is suitable for capping food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticides, cosmetics and other industries.


  1. Elegant appearance, smart, capping speed, high pass rate.
  2. Modern and unique design, mechanical torque intelligence control, and the operation and regulation is very convenient.
  3. A multi-purpose machine. Can be used stand-alone production, It is the ideal model to composition production line.
  4. With constant torque capping head, the pressure the pressure is easily adjustable.
  5. The structure is compact and reasonable. And it is easily link into line with other devices.

Technical Parameters:

  • Capping heads: 1Head / 2 Heads
  • Power: AC 220V 50Hz 1Kw
  • Cap Size: 15-100mm
  • Bottle Diameter: Φ35-Φ130mm
  • Bottle Height: 50-320mm
  • Working Speed: 10 – 60 Bottles/min
  • Dimensions: 1500 × 800 × 1600mm
  • Weight: 280 Kg

5 Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine (Optional)

Aluminum Foil Sealing MachineImage Description: Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine


  1. Continuous work, variable speed, stainless steel structure.
  2. The fifth generation of modular design, the main components imported.
  3. Full air-cooling, overheat alarm.
  4. Can be installate monitoring and excluding device for no aluminum foil cap.

Technical Parameters:

  • Bottle Diameter: φ20-120mm
  • Max Bottle Height: 400mm
  • Cooling: Air / Water
  • Sealing speed: 0-250 bottles / min
  • Power:AC 220V 50/60Hz 4Kw
  • Dimensions: 600 × 450 × 1310 mm
  • Weight: 100kg

6 Automatic Labeling Machine

Automatic Labeling MachineImage Description: Automatic Labeling Machine

Technical Parameters:

    • Labeling Speed: 100-250 bottles / min (Depends on the diameter bottle and label size)
    • Delivery Speed: 0-23 m / min (Adjustable)
    • Labeling Accuracy: ± 1mm
    • Label Size: Length 15-200mm; Height 10-140mm
    • Bottle Size: Diameter Φ20-Φ80mm; height ≥ 20mm
    • Label Roll Inner Diameter: ≥ Φ76mm
    • Label Roll Max Diameter: ≥ Φ300mm
    • Powder: AC 220V 50/60Hz 200W
    • Dimensions: (L) 1700 × (W) 650mm × (H) 1300mm

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