Semi Automatic Powder Filling Machine with Touch Screen

Model: UA-P2

Semi Automatic Powder Filler Machine With Touch Screen

Machine Type: Semi-Automatic, Manual.

Semi Automatic Powder Filler Machine Equipped With Touch Screen is our company in the UA-P1 based on the development of new products. Imported servo system instead of the traditional stepper motor control mode, by the Chinese and English LCD touch screen display instead of single-chip microcomputer, the whole performance is more excellent.

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Semi Automatic Powder Filler Machine With Touch ScreenImage Description: Screw Conveyor Feeder (Model:UA-F114S) + Semi Automatic Powder Filler Machine With Touch Screen (Model:UA-P2)
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  • Have all the functions of UA-P1 type
  • Using AC servo motor to control the filling, have higher torque, and the torque is not reduced at high speed.
  • The control accuracy is high, faster than the stepping motor 30% on the filling
  • The maximum speed of the stepper motor is generally between 300-900RPM, and AC servo motor speed is generally 2000RPM – 3000RPM.

Technical Parameters:

  • Fill Range: 1 gram to 5000 grams
    Need to replace the Auger Filler and Tube to guaranteed accuracy and speed; details reference the “The Diameter List of Auger & Tube (Funnel)” please!
  • Fill Speed: 1200-3500 fills / hours
  • Fill Control: Timer based / Sensor based
  • Container: Bottle, jar, pouch, can
  • Accuracy: 1.0
  • Hopper Volume: 50 liters
  • Machine Dimensions: 690× 600×1900mm
  • Power: AC Three-phase 380V 50Hz 1.5Kw

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