Semi Automatic Powder Filler Machine Clamp Holding Device

Semi Automatic Powder Filler Machine Clamp Holding Device View More Photos adopt two-speed screw feeder, automatic clamp bags, electronic weighing filling. Can achieve high-precision automatic quantitative and filling. Applicable to all kinds of powder and mixed powder-like material weighing filling, such as: fertilizers, additives, flour, milk powder, coffee powder, washing powder, solid drink, sugar, monosodium glutamate, condiments (such as spicy fresh), natural flavoring , enzymes, feed powder (powder, superfine powder), mixing quantitative powder-like material filling.

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  1. Foot switch single control feeding
  2. Suitable for all kinds of bottles, cans, bags weighing and filling
  3. Weighing display division is adjustable to meet a variety of needs precision
  4. All stainless steel, coupled with feeder machine enables automatic material control

Technical Parameters:

  • Filling Motor: stepper motor or servo motor
  • Measurement Range: 1 kg -6 kg
  • Accuracy Error: ± 0.3%
  • Filling Speed: 6-12 bags / min
  • Dimensions: 690 × 1060 × 1900mm
  • Power: AC Three-phase 380V 50Hz 0.9Kw

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