Why Choose an Auger Dosing Filler rather than a Vibratory Weighing Filler in Powder Packaging Industry?

Many customers have doubts to choose between auger dosing filler and vibratory weighing filler. Both technologies have their advantages is well known, in this post I will focus on what applications typically require an auger dosing filler in order to ensure the best efficiencies.
Auger Dosing Powder Filler
An auger dosing filler is most often used for powder packaging applications including flour, spices, ground coffee, baking soda, chemicals, sugar, granulated salt, sweeteners and any other products that are dusty in nature.

1 Dusty Products

The reason an auger dosing filler is advantageous in these types of applications is because the unit is completely enclosed, these particles cannot escape and create dust clouds. If these dusty products where to be run on a traditional vibratory weighing filler it would be very difficult to contain the dust, thus resulting in a messy packaging environment.

2 Non-Free Flow Products

Products like cake mixes, brown sugar and flour are what we consider non-free flow products and have a tendency to clump. An auger dosing filler with agitator and screw design help break up the product and transfer it to the filling zone, often times outperforming a traditional vibratory weighing filler accuracy ability. If you were to run these products on a vibratory weighing filler, for example you would tend to see weight inaccuracies with maximum and minimum due to the nature of how these products clump.

3 Affordability & Speed Ratio

In regards to cost vs. production rates, an auger dosing filler will offer a fantastic return on investment. Auger dosing fillers are relatively inexpensive and can produce high speeds. What they may give up in accuracy in certain cases vs. a vibratory weighing filler (due to the fact that Auger dosing fillers do not vibratory weighing filler, they volume fill), they more than likely to make up for it in cost and production rates.

If you have any questions in determining if your product is best suited for an Auger Dosing Filler or Vibratory Weighing Filler, please do not hesitate fill the bellowing form to contact us.

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