Production Safety Training by Production Department

Production Safety Training on 29th May. Training Location: production workshop. All members to participate in the production department.

Production Safety Training by Production Department.
May is a busy month. After the end of some exhibitions in April, May and June will be the time for stocking, delivering and shipping. Busy, not means forget the details: about production safety, about machine quality.

May 29th, production department carried out production safety training, training around the following points:

  1. To improve employee safety awareness and safety skills on production.
  2. To ensure that employees have the safety knowledge needed to carry out their own work.
  3. Familiar with safe production rules and safety procedures.
  4. To prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.
  5. Strengthen control the product quality.

Training Location: production workshop
Participate in Training Staff: All members to participate in the production department (machining team, assembly team, commissioning team, delivering team, procurement team, after-sales team).

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Article Source: Production Safety Training by Production Department

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