The Common 12 kinds of Malfunctions and Solutions of Semi Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine

Remark: The malfunctions and solutions in this article is suitable for Semi Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine.

  • 现象1:开机不显示。
    Malfunction 1: Unit starts but display monitor is blank.
    Solution: Check that machine is properly connected to correct power source.
  • 现象2:显示器显示〖CHAO〗
    Malfunction 2: Display monitor shows 〖CHAO〗indicates something is on the scale.
    Solution: Clear scale of anything that might be on it.
  • 现象3:显示器显示〖E1〗
    Malfunction 3: Display monitor shows 〖E1〗or 〖E2〗.
    The number of stepping motor impulses is too low/high and must be reset.
    Solution: Pressing 【exit】automatically resets the number of stepping motor impulses to 3000. Check that the value entered for calibration is correctly entered; check that the weight for each package is correctly entered; check that the packaging weight has been correctly entered for the packages you are using. Then reset quantitative calibration and package weight, or increase/decrease the stepping motor impulses.
  • 现象4:显示器显示〖E3〗
    Malfunction 4: Display monitor shows 〖E3〗.
    Indicates that no weight was placed on scale during calibration process.
    Solution: Press 【exit】to end; recalibrate scale.
  • 现象5:光电开关反应不灵敏。
    Malfunction 5: Photoelectric switch is unresponsive.
    Solution: Wipe off dust to improve sensitivity. While wiping, please enter 〖bSZ〗status.
  • 现象6:遮挡光电开关但不下料。
    Malfunction 6: Photoelectric switch does not glow.
    Using voltmeter, check and secure 12v power connection to Photoelectric switch: When switch is covered voltmeter reading is about 0v; uncovered reading is about 11v.
  • 现象7:下料不准确
    原因: 物料过湿或有结块,下料螺旋转向不对,螺旋上缠有异物,搅拌器刮刀位置不当,步进电机频率不合适,操作方法有误(如接料时滴漏或是包装容器底部堵住出料口,导致物料不是自由状态进入容器)。
    Malfunction 7: Inaccurate blanking.
    Materials are too wet or lumpy; blending screw turning in reverse direction; material may be twisted or stuck onto the screw; blender blade is incorrectly positioned; stepping motor impulse is too high/low; operation fails to function normally (e.g., there is leakage at junctions, or the bottom of a package, blocks a package mouth, which stops material from falling freely into the package.)
    Blanking can also result from voltage surges and/or clumping/bunching of material in hopper.
  • 现象8:步进电机失步
    Malfunction 8: Stepping motors are not operating synchronously.
    Check stepping motor impulse amount and increase/decrease as needed; Change driver if damaged; Remove any objects in material hopper that could prevent stepping motor from operating
  • 现象9:称量不准
    Malfunction 9: Inaccurate weight measurements.
    Check that sensors are operating normally and replace if needed
  • 现象10:电子秤零点不稳定
    Malfunction 10: Electronic scale display does not return to zero or fluctuates.
    Ensure that scale is placed on dry and level surface and is away from moving air. In a high humidity environment the circuit board may become damp. Use portable hair dryer to dry the board at temperature between 40~50℃ , for 10 minutes at a time until all moisture has been removed.
  • 现象11:下料量越来越少以至于螺旋空转不下料
    Malfunction 11: Blanking amounts decreasing and blending screw begins idling.
    Check that blending motor is operating; check that transmission chain is in place; check that regulation wheel is securely fastened. Replace motor if needed; place transmission chain in proper position; tighten loose regulation wheel.
  • 现象12: 供料机不供料。
    Malfunction 12: Feeding machine stops.
    Turn off power, remove level control switch and remove objects or material in contact with the level control switch.

Manual Powder Filling Machine (Image)Image Description: Screw Conveyor Feeder (Model:UA-F114S) + Manual Powder Filling Machine (Model:UA-P1)

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