Semi Automatic Powder Filler Machine P1

Semi Automatic Powder Filler Machine

Model: UA-P1

Semi Automatic Powder Filler Machine View More Photos adopts screw electronic weighing measurement mode feedback combining computer control, with automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic error correction, count, clear material and other functions. Suitable for condiments, natural flavoring, food additives, flavors and fragrances, flour, milk powder, protein powder, solid drink, sugar, monosodium glutamate, pesticides, veterinary drugs, detergents, enzymes, feed additives, chemicals, new building materials and other powder (powder, superfine powder), mixing powder materials quantitative packaging, quantitative filling.

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The Views of Semi Automatic Auger Powder Filler Filling Machine (Model:UA-P1) View More Photos


  • Suitable for all kinds of bottles, cans, bags of quantitative filling packaging container is not restricted.
  • Filling motor is a stepper motor or servo motor.
  • Stirring motor imported from Taiwan, free-noise motor.
  • Photoelectric sensor induction signal filling material, can also optional foot switch signal.
  • Feedback value can be adjustable, to meet a variety of precision required.
  • The filling motor speed can be adjustable, to meet the requirements of various materials.
  • All stainless steel, match with feeder enables automatic materials level control.


  • Automatic error correction
  • Weight out-of-tolerance alarm
  • The product count

Technical Parameters:

  • Measurement Range: 1-2000 g (need to replace a screw attachment)
  • Accuracy: 1.0
  • Packing Speed: 1200-3500 bags / hour
  • Dimensions: 690× 600×1900mm
  • Power: AC380 50Hz 0.9Kw

Working Video:

Semi Automatic Powder Filler Machine Working Video

Design Diagram:

Auger Powder Filler Filling Machine Design Diagram

Component List:

Component List of Semi Automatic Powder Filler (UA-P1)

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Packaging in Wooden Box

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