Double Auger Automatic Powder Filler Machine PDH

Double Auger Automatic Powder Filler Machine

Model: UA-PDH

Double Auger Automatic Powder Filler Machine

Double Auger Automatic Powder Filler Machine is suitable for all kinds of powdered, ultrafine powdered or powder granular material, canned, bottled, barreled. Such as: milk powder, rice flour, protein powder, cocoa powder, coffee powder, powdered drugs, chicken powder, chicken, additives, sugar, dyes, flavors and spices, etc.

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  1. The machine equipment in accordance with GMP standards for the design specifications, consistent with national food hygiene requirements.
  2. Chinese and English double language LCD touch screen, simple operation, packaging weight adjustable at any time, working conditions can change at any time, easy operation and fast.
  3. Filling servo motor, with high precision, high speed, big torque, speed adjustable, good stability.
  4. Stirring part used by Taiwan’s production of maintenance-free gear motor: low noise, long life, maintenance-free life.
  5. The weighing online feedback, automatic material according to the proportion of the secondary with filling, to ensure product high-precision, high-speed filling line.
  6. Fully sealed air resistance glass stainless steel, material movement at a glance, dust not leak outside, the filling outlet with dust collection devices, environmental protection workshop.
  7. The door side-opening, convenient and practical, hopper easy cleaning, easy to replace screw attachment.

Technical Parameters:

  • Measurement Methods: Screw filling weighing metering
  • Container Size: Φ50-180mm H: 50-350mm (Cylindrical container)
  • Measurement Range: 10-2000g (need to change the screw accessories)
  • Filling Accuracy: ± (0.5-2.0) g
  • Filling Speed: 8-55 cans/min
  • Power: 3P 380V 50Hz 3.5Kw
  • Air Pressure: 6-8kg / cm2
  • Gas Consumption: 0.2m3 / min
  • Machine Weight: 1000Kg
  • Dimensions: 3330×1400×2400mm

Fully Automatic Auger Powder Fillers Comparison Table:

Fully Automatic Auger Powder Fillers
Quantity of FillerOneOneOneTwo
Filling Range5-500g100-2000g100-2000g100-2000g
Filling Accuracy≤±1%≤±1%≤±2g≤±2g
Online Weighing System--
Closed Frame-
Easy Clean Hopper
Fine polished Auger
Rotary Turntable
Diameter of Container ≤ 100mm≤ 100mm≤ 200mm≤ 200mm

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