Automatic Powder Filler Machine for Bottles Jars

Model: UA-PSH-01

Automatic Powder Filler Machine for Bottles Jars

Automatic Powder Filler Machine for Bottles Jars is our company in accordance with national GMP standard design the latest development of a powder filling machine, this machine application the latest technology, more reasonable, more concise, and more robust. The material feed into the tank, measuring and filling all automatically complete, suitable for filling powder and granular materials, such as pharmaceuticals powder, milk powder, protein powder, chicken powder, coffee powder, milk powder, solid drink, grape sugar, rice and so on.

Detail Photos:


  • Rotary positioning device, English and Chinese LCD touch screen, PLC control system, work at a glance.
  • Using cans-shaped or bottle-shaped container, no or lack container no filling, can be configured into automatically filling line.
  • Whole machine structure have reasonable layout, replacement of the material, and clean up easy.
  • Imported servo motor, high-speed and big torque, improved the filling accuracy.

Technical Parameters:

  • Filling Range: 5-1000g
  • Filled Error: ≤ 1%
  • Filling Speed: 0-40 cans / min
  • Power: AC380 / 220V 50 / 60Hz 2Kw
  • Weight: 500 kg
  • Container Height: 50-350mm
  • Container Diameter: 30-100mm, 100-200mm
  • Machine Size: 2000 × 1150 × 2300mm
  • Tank Volume: 50L

Fully Automatic Auger Powder Fillers Comparison Table:

Fully Automatic Auger Powder Fillers
Quantity of FillerOneOneOneTwo
Filling Range5-500g100-2000g100-2000g100-2000g
Filling Accuracy≤±1%≤±1%≤±2g≤±2g
Online Weighing System--
Closed Frame-
Easy Clean Hopper
Fine polished Auger
Rotary Turntable
Diameter of Container≤ 100mm≤ 100mm≤ 200mm≤ 200mm

Product Video: